Medallion 2017

February 17-18, 2017

Venue: Windsor Castle Lake Resort, Kottayam

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MEDALLION 2017, the 6th International conference and 11th National conference on "Current trends in Public Health and Hospital Administration" will be held on February 17th & 18th, 2017 at Windsor Castle Lake Resort, Kottayam. This motivational and highly inspirational event is created to bring about the entire talents and ideas under one roof of knowledge in the field of Public Health and Hospital Administration in and around the globe to contribute the newest technologies and leading research works, new view points, perceptions, refuse issues and address current advancements in the health scenario.

Medallion 2017 was envisaged with the motto “HEALTH AND MANAGEMENT - REFORMERS CONCLAVE”.
It focuses on:

  • Facilitating a common platform to all the healthcare professionals to share new innovations, ideas and knowledge.
  • Developing professional outlook and acquire front-line information in various disciplines of health care management.
  • Opening up a chance to interact with eminent experts in the field of Public Health and Hospital Administration
  • Acceptance of the scientific work on an international belvedere as a paper presenter.
  • Identifying the potentials, managerial skills and talents through participation in Empressario-2017.

School of Medical Education

Mahatma Gandhi University was established on 3rd October 1983 with a vision to champion the cause of higher education in the country and to cater the scholastic, expertise and developmental needs of the individual. Mahatma Gandhi University started the School of Medical Education (SME) in 1993 as its constituent college, with a mission to provide quality education, which finds itself in the forefront as an instrument of social change. SME has carved a niche for itself in Kerala for academic excellence in the field of allied medical sciences. It has become one of the most prestigious institutions that caters around tenPost Graduate programmes, of which Master of Public Health (MPH) and Master of Hospital Administration (MHA) have come forth moulding the students into potential health professionals as to overcome the existing imbalance in the health care system.

Division of Health Management

One of the prestigious departments of the School of Medical Education (SME) aims at the improvement in quality of healthcare through better management of healthcare and related programmes. It seeks to accomplish this through health management research, training, consultation and networking in a regional, national and global perspective.

The academic programmes of the department has been so designed as to prepare specifically skilled professionals of high calibre to overcome the existing imbalances in the health manpower structure and healthcare system. The department envisages to augment the human resources through interdisciplinary, problem-oriented and student centred training, extension and consultancy programme.


The centre offers two year full time post graduate programmes in Hospital Administration (MHA) and Public Health (MPH). These courses which are unique in the respective disciplines have the distinction of being the only courses of their kind offered directly by a University Departments all over South India. Both the programmes are designed specifically to prepare health management professionals for major leadership positions in health care systems through inter disciplinary, problem oriented, and student centred training.

The MHA and MPH programmes provide high quality education which will enable a student to develop perceptive, analytical, managerial and humanistic skills. The students are groomed through problem oriented and student-centred training, extension and counselling programmes along with concurrent placement in hospital or community. These develop management competency to effectively deal with problems of quality, availability, accessibility, uncertainty, comprehensiveness, cost reduction, and productivity in health systems.

The centre has ongoing links with major hospitals and various governmental, semi governmental and private organizations working in health sector. Students of our department have also been able to attract project fund from international organizations like WHO. We are committed to instilling confidence in our students enabling them to exercise full strategic leverage within their working environment.

Master of Hospital Administration (MHA)

The current changes in the health care scenario necessitated the requirement of specially trained professionals in the field of health and social welfare programmes which influence the economic development of the country. Competition is tough and in order to excel, personnel with high potential is a basic requirement. The hospital requires competent personnel who take things in their stride and assist the medical staff in rendering quality care. The thrust areas include Hospital Operations Management, Personnel Management, Finance Management, Materials Management, Public Relations, Hospital Services Marketing, Hospital Information System, Quality Assurance, Medical Law and Ethics, Basic Medical Sciences, Medical Record Management, Hospital Facilities and Equipment Planning, organization and management of various clinical and supportive services etc.

The programme emphasizes developing knowledge, skill and attitude pertaining to Hospital Managers. It also helps the candidates in developing expertise in planning and managing different types of hospitals and will equip the student with problem solving devices.

The hospital administrator of the future needs to be well-equipped to meet the challenges arising out of rising healthcare cost; procurement, utilisation and maintenance. With medicine becoming more and more technology dependent, and equipment-intensive, the need for a system driven approach to its practise has now become very crucial. An administrator’s prime role is to ensure that all these diverse systems and equipment ultimately serve the purpose of healing. Delivery of efficient services without intimidating the patient is the hallmark of a good hospital administrator

Master of Public Health (MPH)

Improvement in health system performance can be facilitated only by training adequate number of management professionals including public health specialists, policy analysis; health care administrators, and drug management specialists. Many countries are exploring and implementing these multi disciplinary public health training programmes. To stimulate public health care programmes in the entire country, the department attracts graduates and post graduates from various disciplines.

This program aims to impart international quality education in public health to create a cadre of public health professionals for delivering better health care and development. There is an increasing demand for public health professionals in Government organizations, national and international non-Government Organizations, United Nation organization and its agencies, and private sector organizations and in the field of research. This program will help in bridging the gaps in Public Health research and training.

Government of India has highlighted in the National Health Policy 2002 that a large number of specialists should be trained in Public Health. World Health Organization has also emphasized the need for establishing a workforce with public health training and research. As public health professionals must act as linking pins between theory and practice, between research and policy, they must be able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of other professionals and experts from academia, bureaucracies and service organization in health and development. Therefore the MPH Program is designed to align the objectives around United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals related with public health and development with a strong foundation in core subjects such as epidemiology, biostatistics, social and behavioral sciences, health system and policy, management, environmental and occupational health including public health research and other subjects.